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pediatric treatment facility

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The office features suspension systems for swings that can be used singly or in tandem to create exciting obstacle courses and sensory integration treatments.  Other equipment includes wall mounted ladders, rock wall, slide, monkey bars, trampolines, cargo net, rope ladder, crash pads, trapeze bars, balance beams, therapy balls, wall mounted basketball hoop, sports equipment, jumping platforms, tunnels, Cuevas Medek box equipment, fitness equipment, and toys, toys and TOYS!

Parents and caregivers can observe treatment sessions through the large observation window that separates the waiting area from the therapy gym.  This enables parents/caregivers to be involved and educated about their children’s treatment program, without distracting their children from doing their best work.  Parents and caregivers are always welcome to be more active participants in treatment sessions when appropriate.

Please note: the office is moving to a new location in Riverdale in January, 2020.